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Wings Over Illawarra Trip

The Wings Over Illawarra airshow is coming up in May, and as a break from studies we have organised a group trip down for a weekend of aerobatics, plane spotting & hanging out with fellow aerospace students across the universities!

We know you're all dying for an opportunity to spend a day gawking at the variety of fantastic and marvellous flying human-made creatures we call aircraft... The day for that has come!

Every year we fumble around in small groups trying to organise friends to attend the Wings Over Illawarra Air Show with us – well fumble no more because we have bought a group booking of tickets at a discounted price, which we have further discounted, and are selling them to you!

The air show will exhibit a grandiose flying display program, and delicious aircraft displays. You can read more about these on the event website:

Make sure you purchase your tickets through us for the discount!


We will meet with students from all three universities in the AIAA Sydney Student Branches (UNSW, the University of Sydney, and UTS) at central station and taking the train there and back together.

  • 9:15am – Meet at Central Station
  • 11:30am – Arrive at the airport
  • 5:00pm – Leave the airport
  • 7:15pm – Arrive at Central Station

For those who use a Concession Opal Card, the train there and back will cost a total of only $5.80 at most!


Please join the Facebook event here for updates and information on the day:

Register Online: