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JUNO & DAWN: NASA’s Exploration of Jupiter

The AIAA Sydney Section has organised a fantastic line up of speakers to describe the exploits of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA’s latest robotic exploration of the solar system. The presentations will focus particularly on the JUNO and DAWN missions that are currently exploring Jupiter and Ceres.
Launched in August of 2011, the JUNO spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit on July 4, 2016. Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our solar system and was almost certainly the first planet to form. JUNO’s 20 month study of Jupiter, approaching as close as 5000 km above the cloud tops, will improve our understanding of giant planet formation and evolution by studying Jupiter’s origin, interior structure, atmospheric composition and dynamics, and magnetosphere.

NASA’s DAWN mission to the asteroid belt was launched in September 2007 and orbited and explored the giant protoplanet Vesta in 2011-12. DAWN is now in orbit and exploring a second new world, the dwarf planet Ceres. This mission was enabled by new ion propulsion technology and also achieved several other ‘firsts’ for a robotic spacecraft mission. DAWN featured an array of innovative science instruments that have helped unlock the secrets of Vesta and Ceres.

Gen. Larry James – Deputy Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Scott Bolton – Principal Investigator, JUNO Mission
Derrick (Rick) Nybakken – Project Manager, JUNO Mission
Tim Weise – Deputy Mission Director, DAWN Mission
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