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Astronaut Stories Australia

From space, national boundaries vanish. The conflicts that divide people become less important, and the wonder of our 'pale blue dot', and the greater universe increases. In September, audiences in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne will hear more from the perspective of those who have ventured, worked and lived in space. Astronaut Stories Australia is a keynote series of events run by the AIAA to bring the stories, passion and inspiration of the world's astronauts to life. The event aims to increase public interest in space-based activities, to inform the public of the value of science and technology, and to motivate support to explore the boundaries of our knowledge. We hope to inspire high school students to take an interest in STEM related topics, to inform their subject choices, and to guide career decisions.

To this end the program for each city is divided into two parts:

  1. "From STEM to Space" - a workshop with an astronaut and other STEM professionals to inspire 300-400 high school students
  2. "An Evening of Astronaut Stories" - a large public event to hear from an astronaut with the opportunity to ask your questions
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